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Music, being a form of communication

 – derived from early 16th century Latin communicat- ‘shared,’ from the verb communicare, from communis, thus implies a form of musical sharing. From this view point taken and applied to our vision this site is intended to be an environment where all who use it become informed through collective collaboration by … sharing of information and knowledge. Please feel free to comment, blog and participate.


If and when you have bought something and have formed an opinion, please share your findings so that the next person about to click knows why before they buy.


Ultimately, we intend to have and offer all that you may need to enjoy your musical experience, for now mostly strings. So, as stated already, before you click on the buy we would prefer to know why:)


In our blog we have already started discussing the details regarding the setup of a stringed instrument. The importance, the how to see what it should look or feel like and what to do when it is slightly pear shaped. Additionally we intend to build an environment where aspiring makers and repairers can find guidance and examples of what to know before going about it. To augment this, of course, we will overtime, ensure that we can supply all of the tools, parts and rubs that culminate in a perfectly executed repair, restoration or refinishing of both stringed instruments and bows.


While under construction we have decided to stay live for all to start participating, reading and asking for whatever you may need. Please comment, add and feel free to make any suggestions that will help us give what is desired in this, mostly, South African musical experience.


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When tuning using the pegs, it is vital that it turns smoothly and does not stick. For this to be true there are a few details that the maker or technician needs to be aware of.

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