Bow re-styling

A big part of the Svencino (and Svend’s Violin) workshop innovation is to create, innovate and style something new.

A lot that can be done with bows with regard to their design for sound magic:

  1. The overall shape can enhance stability and sound. Although, there are already two main shapes; round and octagonal.
  2. There is scope for cross overs of modern and baroque. An open frog with modern shaping is a start (or continuation on the theme, if already done without us having seen it:).
  3. The tip’s shape and finish has space for something slightly different. Despite seemingly little to change, there are many subtleties to be explored.

There is a lot of tradition and purism in the world of violin, their bows and fittings. Keep it interesting and “new”.) The way we see it, fine art and violin follow the same path. Why is it that Fine Arts has an evolved history that lives in constant change into the future. Lutherie somehow stuck after Amati and Stradivarius exploration, why?

Have a look at our Svencino bows. We have both Studio Cuts and allow for full custom. The reviews will surely be enough to help guide your decision. If not, contact us to find out who you can talk to for  abetter sense of our works.


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