Cases in the making

With regard to design, functionality and augmented strength; we have been in the process of creating a range of cases that musicians will wish to keep their instruments safe in.

When looking into making cases we discovered a lot of things that can be made better! For starters the price can be a lot more attractive. There after the design features that add to strength and impact resistance can also be tweaked.

We have travelled a long and difficult journey with regard to cases because of cost and setting up a manufacturing line that caters for it. Despite the seemingly impossible route chosen we believe that we are closer than ever to finally making this happen.

Below are images of different design stages and machinery being designed for it

The first case that we made in down town Johannesburg end of 2010

Getting this first case made was a mission and a half!

We had to first complete building a home made CNC machine because we wanted a large enough one to cut out basses and other large scale forms. the first two images are of me trying to correct a wiring problem in the machine’s brain!

The next cutting bit has to be filled with imagination, while I look for the cutting images of the initial form.

Voila! Then we get to our first draft MDF positive plug and the sheet plastic vacuum formed ‘final of the first GO!

Moulding, Preparation, Casting and Reshaping from imported examples

All of the above images are of the processes that we have been busy with while setting up with machine building and preparations for it to happen.

Stripping brand new imported cases, revising the design, making moulds for recasting to test our design functions for what we would like to believe are improvements. with final positives to be pressed out in our own vacuum forming machine.

This has proven to be along and laborious process … we haven’t given up and are still working on it as we can:)

Vacuum Form Machine Building

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