Svencino Co.

Design & Development

With our designs we are working toward creating home grown products that the rest of the world will marvel at while we are using them. In this way we will eventually add to our local labour force and inspire more musicians and their instrument makers to grow with us.

Along with our walk toward product independence, we are busy partnering with instrument makers country wide to ensure that the product support is easy to gain access to. Additionally it will increase the foot print that instrument makers have which should add to their income. All round an envisioned win-win-win scenario.

We make, You have what you need, Instrument makes have increased usefulness.

There are needed design areas where we are focusing our attention. Primarily because of viability and need.

Stands for Sheet Music and Insteruments
Currently the availability of stands is fine with local imports. However, the Chinese stands do not last very long because of predominantly making them with inferior steel which has screws that strip in their thread, parts that bend and NO spares in sight when they need them. The American option that comes at a premium is far better in quality and build but also NO spares in sight when any little part stops working or breaks.

So, after having picked at their weak spots and redesigned some of it we are almost ready to get into full production of these. This time with complete available spares and services that help anyone who has bought one in future. We believe our South African version is going to rival all other imported types at teh same time as being able to provide what is needed to ensure that you only buy a new one because someone walked away with yours, NOT because it broke and couldn’t be fixed.

Hard Cases
Because of the hard cases that come from over water sources we have limited options. Either they are really cheap and nasty, faulty medium range or really impressively expensive … is that including the cello?

So, over time we have been hacking away at how, obstacles, who, cost and more. We are there. Here.

Tools & Rigs
Within the parameters of Import costs, availability and quality of tooling we have seen that there are a few areas of tool manufacture that are worth the effort. Most of our training partners and individual trainees need the tool setup to function independently so we are making it possible for them to this with less cost and distributed sourcing.

Systems & Administration.
With proprietor systems available and the functionality that we require it has become evident that it is safer and cheaper for us to create a platform that is built within a Linux environment and Open source office software.

Through doing this we are working toward adding yet another pearl to our equation where an open source environment will help us keep costs down in our working day so that the transfer of these costs don’t have to hammer into your buying our products.

Additionally, while we are a small concern, we are able to test and implement these in such a way that once we are bigger with more staff to manage they have what they need to largely self manage and get on with their work:)

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