Design & Development

In design we are working toward creating home grown products that the rest of the world will marvel at while using. In this way we will eventually add to our local labour force and inspire more musicians and their instrument makers to grow. Current and those aspiring to musical ways.

There are needed design areas where we are focusing our attention. Primarily because of viability and need.

Hard Cases
Because of the hard cases that come from over water sources we have limited options. Either they are really cheap and nasty, faulty medium range or really impressively expensive … is that including the cello?

So, over time we have been hacking away at how, obstacles, who, cost and more. We are there. Here.

Tools & Rigs
Within the parameters of Import costs, availability and quality of tooling we have seen that there are a few areas of tool manufacture that are worth the effort. Most of our training partners and individual trainees need the tool setup to function independently so we are making it possible for them to this with less cost and distributed sourcing.

Systems & Administration.
With proprietor systems available and the functionality that we require it has become evident that it is safer and cheaper for us to create a platform that is built within a Linux environment and Open source office software. Through doing this we are working toward adding yet another pearl to our equation where an open source environment will help us keep cost down in our working day so that the transfer of these costs don’t have to hammer your buy.