Harmonic tail pieces

In continued experimentation with Harmonics and hunting for the sweet spot in instruments for rich and full sound, it has become evident that the straight line on regular tail pieces making the back stop (or after length; bridge to tail piece) from high to low equal is a problem.

For a long time luthiers have looked at how the distances behind the bridge change and regulate sound. In practical applications there are a few things that are employed to try to find the right relationship inside the constraint of a straight line back stop.

With the Svencino Harmonic tail pieces we have used fractionals of the golden section as our reference point to help fine tune harmonics that in turn help any instrument ring and harmonise easier. Additionally it helps with tuning each string in such a way that with the correct note spacings on all four strings irritations such as wolf tones – an out of phase vibration – and harmonic spacings can be better focused.

Initial hand cuts of our Harmonic Tailpieces

In the above process of finding solutions to fine tuner plates, the final cut and testing our design we looked at a lot of hand made variations also for baroque and single or two fine tuner setups until we were ready to commit to computer generated designs seen in the following album.

It seems doing anything worthwhile is hard to do:)

Final designs and machine cuts of our Harmonic Tailpieces​​

Harmonic Violin Tailpiece


With better responsiveness, using these harmonic tailpieces, the overall spectrum and fullness of overtones in the sound further increases balanced tonality across all four strings.  Of course, sound post adjustments may be necessary after initial installation to find the new sweet spot for this magic to present itself fully.

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  1. ezelle02 says:

    I got myself a harmonic tailpiece for my violin after hearing the definite improvement in sound quality it produces. I am very satisfied with the volume my instrument now can make together with a rich and full sound. The induvidial strings becomes more clear to my ear. I definitely recommend this to everyone!!

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