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When choosing a beginner instrument the most common thought and voiced statement is;
“We don’t want to spend too much on this until we know if it is going to work out, or that he/she will continue.”

This is a reasonable sentiment seeing that any stringed instrument can easily represent a significant cost to start with, over and above the lesson fees. But it poses a real problem. A poorly prepared and regulated violin makes an already hard to learn experience even harder to excel at with ease.

To counter this we have created a comprehensive selection for you to choose, from our own imports of Svencino Beginner Instruments or Locally Sourced ones from mostly every shop country wide. What makes one bought from Svencino any different from just going straight to the source? When we sell a violin it is Setup & Regulated to make it as easy to play on and sound as good as possible.

Each locally sourced instrument comes with an additional option of an upgraded setup meaning that we have added a better bridge, sound post and  strings so that it matches the beginner Svencino range.

To give you an indication of how this affects the price.

  1. Cost of locally sourced instrument.
  2. Cost of hours to setup & regulate the playability and sound.
  3. Cost of better bridge, sound post and strings (optional)
  4. Points 1 to 3 = our price.


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