What you need to know for and when insuring your instrument(s).

The incidence of music instruments being stolen in South Africa and worldwide is relatively low, however it does happen. If you have a cheaper Chinese student instrument that can be covered from your own pocket it probably isn’t worth the effort and cost of looking into insurance.

In the case of Master Made and high cost instruments we do advise everyone to look at a good insurance that covers the life of an instrument that is on-the-go.

In our experience with Art Insure, who cover our transit, floor stock and workmanship, they have been helpful, prompt and fair in their assessment and swift payout.

There are of course a few things to know:

  1. You will need to have your instrument assessed for its replacement value by a discerning dealer or violin maker who has access to instrument trade values and is able to see the difference between a copy and a likely original instrument by whatever said maker.
  2. You will need to have a proper hard case to protect it from damage in transit, going between home to lessons and or gigs.
  3. And, that your home is secure and best with an armed response.

In our working experience, the most needed part of instrument insurance is for accidental damage. In the past 20 years we have restored and repaired accidental damage to an estimated ratio to thefts by 30:1.

Svencino has added a system to our workflow that helps all our clients with detailed step-by-step account of work as well as finished images of your instrument so that it is easily identified in the even of theft and hopeful recovery.

NB/. We are of course not registered insurance brokers and do not pretend to be, but we have been given permission by the Art Insure brokers to receive limited information here, which is sent on to them for further handling.

What we do do is help with your instrument assessment in the event that you need this. So, the time spent on helping you with this is where we earn our hourly rate. Not through commissions from the insurance company. This way we remain neutral and fair for your peace of mind.

We are trusted to assess instruments by Art Insure

You can book a courier collection and return or a book time to bring it in for assessment here.

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