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In the case of our available intermediate stringed instruments we offer either the Svencino II range or refinished older instruments that we have from trade-ins or bought from whom ever had one that they no longer needed or want from long ago.

Our older instruments are what is known as “trade Instruments” which is an older factory made model of lesser fiscal value that we sell fully repaired, setup and regulated with quality fittings so that you get a well sounding instrument that can take you far along your musical experience. Or you can buy some of these as-is to either do yourself or with a luthier of your choice. These mostly do not have much history in terms of provenance or a known maker’s label but are well built and suitable for any promising young musician.

Our Svencino II range is created from a collaboration between a Chinese manufacturer and Svend’s Violin studio (or network studios) where a well crafted Chinese instrument is completed to perfection with the best of what we have to offer. To outline what makes up the Svencino II range the below points should help to clarify.

  1. A well built ‘white’ instrument is received from China by a maker that we have collaborated with for a long time, therefore getting what we ask for.
  2. Once it has arrived we begin by refinishing the surfaces and cut of the f holes.
  3. Colour work and oil varnish is applied next so that we capture the essence of the proposed Old Italian secret. This takes longer than alcohol based varnishes but known for a richer sound and it prevents the wood from becoming brittle and dry.
  4. Once polished to perfection, the setup & regulation is done with whichever selection of wood, fittings and stings chosen by you.
  5. Voici! Un violon exceptionnelle🙂
  6. Now for final regulation and sound post adjustments before you collect or have it couriered to your door.
  7. Post deliver regulation and fine adjustments are welcome for win-win satisfaction.


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