The Johannesburg workshop is where Svencino began, back in 2001 as a simple work bench at the dawn of Svend’s Violin. The mother ship of our expanded project. The entirety of our project has had many forms over the past decade whereby a collective workshop was setup where we attempted to create a sustainable training environment. That broke so we returned to core function; Violin making and repair. We refocused on just doing the bench work while revising how to return to perfected services that got us there in the first place.

Today, almost forced by demand, we have grown into a few other partnering workshops. In partnering we aim to aid and supply musicians throughout SA. Who we have chosen to work with is based on their evident integrity and willingness to take the harder route to perfect repairs and services as opposed to the usual quick fix. This result was because of people who wish to work with violins but could not easily access training or find a mentor. We are doing it.