An Introduction to the

String Explorer

The whole idea of breathing life into the String Explorer’s (Club) is to discover more about strings, their properties, sound and selection together, as a community, instead of having to buy endless sets before finding what you feel best with playing on and their sound properties.

Note. If you bought a set of strings every month, to test something new, and continued doing this, it would take the best part of a lifetime before discovering which one you liked the most. Never mind the most fantastic cost of such an exercise!

Another, often unknown, necessary puzzle piece for this is that you will also need to work closely with a luthier (violin maker) to adjust your sound post, and possibly other setup variables, to really hear how each string set accentuates differences in your instrument as well as your response and playing ability.

Over and above explaining and encouraging participants to note their experiences with and of sound qualities and responsiveness, we will offer workshops and testing services where you will be allowed to try-before-you-buy.

This is offered in different forms:

  1. Individually booked sessions with a luthier to help with sound posting and minor adjustments.
  2. Assisted booked sessions with a luthier and professional musician to help both or either professionals and or learners to hear their own instrument from the ‘other’ side.
  3. Booked sessions for private teacher’s studios where we work with teacher, parents and pupils. These sessions also cover minor care and self assessment of instruments to know more about them and what can be done to improve their playing and sonic properties.
  4. School bookings where we come and do class demonstration with the teacher to help adjust the class instruments so that each pupil has a better sounding instrument so the teacher can enjoy better lessons and guidance with drawing better sound out of each instrument!

Benefits of working with and being a part of the String Explorer


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Get participating discounts by sharing reviews and your user experience.


Improve on your Sound

Have your instrument’s sound post adjusted at reduced studio rates when buying new types of strings.


Try before you buy!

Select different strings to try-before-you-buy. Here we help you change, sound post and test different sets or same sets with different tensions in combinations or the entire set*

Note. If you ultimately choose a set and buy them after a testing session you get half of the time spent with you for free.

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