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How much for that fiddle?

Some things cost more. Some cost less. It is often believed that a higher price ensures quality and money well spent … in some cases, yes.

In the case of most of our stocked instruments we use mostly part built instruments from either China or Europe that we refinish and setup for perfect playability and sound. There are other cases where we start with old hand built samples that we then perfect before making it available to you. This way we are able to provide instruments that do not come with big tickets at the same time as making it possible to enjoy a big ticket experience.

An example of how we price our house brand and trade instruments.

  1. Cost of instrument plus shelf life.
  2. Material, setup parts and strings added in so that all the fittings are perfect.
  3. Time spent on getting the instrument to playing perfection. Sometimes this is a simple glue task other times a total reconstruction.
  4. Add up points 1 to 3 there is our price.

There are of course instruments that come our way that require us to pay a premium before we even get a chance to work on it. These are usually master made instruments with long histories or great provenance. In these case you would know that you have entered into a branded price category. This does not always mean that you have found a fantastic fiddle … it may mean that you have a fiddle with an expensive label.

In our view and understanding it is preferable to go with an older instrument and a new bow if you are at the point in your playing where you intend to stay with it and settle into a particular tone and feel that you have chosen. In this case you will find that there are so many choices that you may not really know where to begin. To start with it may be wise to do this with time and whole lot of gallivanting. The more you try out and the more you hunt the higher the chances that you will find a gem.

In the case of wanting something a little more you than something old we have begun creating just this. By having a look at our Svencino Custom range we offer a host of variegation to suit your desires.

Of course, we aim to have and stock a lot of gems for you to find just the right one.

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