Outreach Initiative

Since April 2007 Svend’s Violin has worked with various Music Outreach programs. Each, with their own limitations, needs and number of learners come with their own challenges. The most common challenge is not having enough budget to:

1. Setup and Regulate new instruments.
2. Buy reasonable or better quality consumables (strings, in our case) and
3. Maintain the working and repair damaged instruments.

These three basic points make teaching, learning and improvement harder than it already is!

To help each of these awesome projects overcome their need for better working stock, maintenance, repair and purchases, Svencino has opened for any and all assistance from all who feel inclined to help them out.

In each of the partnered projects, that we currently have working relationships with, we pledge to match any and all donations given to them through us with added  work bench time. For example, if you decide to pay for an instrument setup, we will give an hour from our side for every 5 donated.

As our capacity grows for this we aim to continue with past training initiatives that have had some degree of success in the past.

West Coast Youth Orchestra

The West Coast Youth Orchestra (then Carina’s Musici Orchestra) began with youth development programs in 1996 in the geographical area of the West Coast. However, it soon became apparent that students from historically disadvantaged schools and communities do not have the financial means nor opportunities to receive formal music tuition. The challenges of this early work led the founder, Carina Brown, to register the WCYO as Non Profit Company

Mangaung String Program

The Mangaung String Program is a string music development program initiated by the Free State Musicon in July 1997 under the directorship of Peter Guy, which targets children from historically disadvantaged backgrounds from various districts within the Free State.

Handevat Music

The Handevat Music project is one of the most deserving projects I have been involved with and they have been severely affected by the COVID – 19 pandemic. It is so important that their work continue on an even larger scale post-lockdown, to bring hope and build capacity to the many deserving youth in their project.