Another Double Bass with a Headache!

Over the years of receiving, what seems like endless, Double bass neck and scroll repairs that, often, have been screwed and plastered together we have been forced to find new and innovative ways of repairing them without the need for a whole new neck to be grafted into the scroll.

From this we have devised a partial neck graft, where all the grafting parts are as usual but spliced onto the neck instead of a whole new one. This helps in several ways:

  1. The client saves on giant cost of a piece of maple for a neck graft.
  2. The studio saves huge time cost of repair.
  3. Forests save a tree fro another instrument instead.
  4. and, we are presented with a delightful challenge.

In this case, to be able to get to the repair correctly we first had to boil up the entire scroll once we had removed it so that the old glue and out of alignment pieces could be reassembled flush. Once the puzzle part was completed it was time to cut down the neck to ‘splice’ on the new root that we could add a partial graft piece onto.

Once done with all of these bits we then got back to the neck root mortise fro a good cleaning and screw removal, got the finger bard back on and were ready to reset the neck.

After all of the broken necks and scrolls coming in in the past decade I do believe that we have mastered the alternative methods of reviving Frankie and all of his siblings and cousins.


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