That Buzz must go!

Just before my last work trip to Capetown, last year August, I received a call from a lady who wanted to hear about buying a new violin for her daughter, with the option of being able to use her current violin fro part of the payment as a trade item. No problem, lets have a look and we take it from there.

Budget range was discussed , Violins were prepared and off I went to cape town – on the scenic route along the west coast down from the Namaqua with my dad who had come for a visit … Very beautiful around flower season and now I am the proud owner of a certified Kokerboom – a most beautiful Aloe type tree.

Back to the violin, having arrived in Capetown and settled, I then went to present the daughter with a range of violins and to see the potential trade piece. A few days later the daughter insisted that her – in European terms – Trade Violin was definitely better than all these master makes! Please rather restore mine:)

Of course. A young lady who loves her violin despite provenance and maker should definitely have this wish. So, her violin got strapped into the front seat to keep me company on the long road trip home.

The only thing that bothered me about this particular restoration was the BUZZ! Oh dear. Other violin makers had already tackled it. My assessment couldn’t discern exactly where or what is causing it – The Violin Maker’s worst, a Buzz!

It could be: A seam, the Nut, the finger board – which had a rag hook holding it in place underneath, it could be the tailpiece, a fine tuner … maybe even a cracked peg or any other infinity of possible joins?!?

Turns out that I will never really know. All I was able to do was take the instrument completely apart and rework the lot until everything was seated clean and flush. And, while I was at it fit a ‘real’ bass bar to help the top with a bit more push for the arching.

It ended off a restored and beautiful violin.  Happy that we got to know one another.

Enjoy the working pictures following the process more or less from start to finish. When I find them, I will include the videos that we made when testing it with our finest House Violinist Wally:)


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