The Worst Cello Repair!

Some really bad repairs have come past the bench over the years. This one has got to take the cake of past MOST FANTASTIC GLADIATOR repairs! Chip board paste puttied all over the inside, Out of alignment cracks, endless cleats, ripped edges, forced clamping etc.

Funny thing is that none of it was particularly evident from the outside?!?

Okay, the spiralled tail ‘gut’ made from an old coat hanger was there to give a hint of what was to come.

I started the project in Bloemfontein, where it was brought to me from Lesotho, because I needed to open it to assess the damage before a proper quote could be made.

At first glance and viewing, with client, we could see that there were things that didn’t add up and we agreed that opening it to know more would have to determine the reality.

It turned out that the first and longest part of the project was cleaning all of the ‘filler’ off the inside.

After that, new blocks were fitted, lots of grafting had to be done, re-alighment of all the ribs and new rib linings had to be made.

Was it worth the effort? Most definitely, yes. After all that the cello became a whole new animal with amazing sounds and colour:)

One thing that I will probably never understand is why and how do people who do this kind of ‘repair’ think that this is a good job or well done in any universe?!?

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