The workmanship of Svencino violin celli is what make then different from the ‘usual’ shelf pick-n-dash editions mostly available. Each one is prepared and finished as though they are master instruments make by a luthier in Cremona, Italy a few hundred years ago. The approach and intent is the same. The difference is that it is a collaboration between picked Chinese makers, who action the first part, allowing us the space for art, finish and sound adjustments. Of course, Most importantly! Oil varnished, just like old Italians.

Our exception to Oil finishes is the Svencino I range which is Spirit varnished in a more Franco Germanic traditions. Naturally we see to a finessed setup and regulation and our choice strings,. A direct competitor to locally found entry level violins without competing with the cat.

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Svencino I Cello

Come to us fully alcohol varnished and prepared for final setup and regulation. With this range we offer two options

Svencino III Cello Full size

Svencino III instruments Come to us completely done without a bass bar and f holes and unvarnished – in the

Svencino II Cello

Svencino II instruments Come to us completely done but unvarnished – in the white. We refinish the surfaces and oil