The Svencino range was created as an alternative to poor quality instruments that have become the norm in South Africa. Of course, not all instruments available are of poor quality but the trend is there.

There are three main categories: Svencino I, II & III … each level from I to III is priced according to time spent, materials used, fittings, strings and level of finishing involved. For more detail you can read more about it in the blog.

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Svencino II Viola

Svencino II instruments Come to us completely done but unvarnished – in the white. We refinish the surfaces and oil

Svencino III Viola

Svencino III instruments Come to us completely done without a bass bar and f holes and unvarnished – in the

Svencino I Viola

Come to us fully alcohol varnished and prepared for final setup and regulation. With this range we offer two options