All of the services offered by Svencino are guaranteed perfection.  We do offer insured courier collections for all of South Africa, up Africa and Internationally. For those of you who are new to String Instruments, it is advisable to read more in our Violin Explained to know what you need from this section. Much the same as a car or a horse it needs care, tuning, services and repair to make it easier to play and sound its best.

You will find what you need here and if you don’t, you are welcome to leave a note or call the number on the home page:)

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Setup & Regulation

The basic setup of an instrument covers a few detailed items that need to be seen to before a stringed instrument is easy to play or learn on. If these things are not done well then your playing experience becomes hard and in our view futile. Read more about setup parameters in our blog to understand the detail better.

Master Restoration

Over and above maintenance repair work we also offer high-end restoration to bring life back to fine instruments that require

Instrument repairs

We repair violins, Cellos and Double Basses. Contact us on 082 7696343 or email to book your FREE quote.

Bow Rehair & Service

We offer bow rehair service including insured collection & return. You can have bows collected from anywhere in South Africa. All you need is a bow tube to put it in. If you haven't got one we will send you one, you select the option below.  Please note that this service is priced for minor service with the rehair, if further work is required you will be quoted for the difference, before we do the requested rehair.