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Harmonic Cello Tailpiece

Our Svencino harmonic tailpieces are finally sculpted to relative perfection. With enhanced responsiveness, using harmonic tailpieces, the overall overtone spectrum

Svencino I Cello

Come to us fully alcohol varnished and prepared for final setup and regulation. With this range we offer two options

Prototype Cello A

This string was originally developed as an alternative to the current “A“ string for the Brilliant cello set. We had been concerned that the synthetic “A“ string might be too fragile. However we solved the issue of the synthetic string durability and the metal core version started to take on a life of its own. It was tested by many players worldwide and the results were unexpectedly good. We therefore decided to add it to our range as a separate string.
Product No. Note Core Winding Materials
021P A Metal Stainless Steel Alloy

Brilliant Cello Set

Intended for players who want a brilliant, full, projecting sound with rich overtones. These strings truly enhance the character of the instrument.
Product No. Note Core Winding Materials
920 set Synth.  Various