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Harmonic Cello Tailpiece

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Our Svencino harmonic tailpieces are finally sculpted to relative perfection. With enhanced responsiveness, using harmonic tailpieces, the overall overtone spectrum allows for fullness of sound. Improved balance and tonality across all strings.

Enriched tonal pallet in piano play, enhances phrasing ability and allows for further push in fortissimo play, without becoming harsh.

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Ebony wood, Rosewood, Tamarind Wood, Tigerwood


3/4, 4/4

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Harmonic Cello Tailpiece

  1. hamstercello (verified owner)

    So I read the other rave reviews and decided to buy one too.
    Yes, it has made a real difference. I don’t think my cello is obviously louder, but projection in a large acoustically dry space is much better, and there is a richer resonance in all registers. There is also more clarity when playing quietly in small ensembles.
    The cost is similar to a new set of strings, but the impact is greater and presumably permanent. And it looks very elegant.

  2. Dietrich

    My C string and I are finally friends – and the instrument generally sounds much better. Very pleased about the improvement.

  3. Jaco Cilliers

    A wonderful upgrade to my own cello. It brought about a fullness of the sound that I did not expect for my cello. It also made the repsonsiveness better and allowed easier playing on all 4 strings. I subsequently had to get this tailpiece for my daughter’s 3/4 cello and even there the sound was transformed into something rarely heard on smaller instruments! This has been the single most useful change I made to my cello in decades!

  4. tilla henkins

    There are now five Svencino harmonic tail pieces used in my cello studio – two full size, one 3/4 size, one 1/2 size and one 1/4 size. I could not be happier with the results: tuning these instruments is so much easier – the screw heads are much bigger and more comfortable. The screws are also longer than I am used to – a luxury for a person lazy to use the big tuning pegs. The responsiveness of all the instruments is dramatically enhanced – the sound is bigger, richer with more overtones and sonorous. My students who still use the conventional tail pieces are envious since the harmonic tail pieces simply look gorgeous.

    Beware: trying it out on your own instrument would most probably overwhelm you to the extent that you will not be able to give it back.

  5. Philo Nel

    An absolute must for any cello player. Brings depth, responsiveness and warmth to the lower strings, focus to the upper strings and provides much greater balance to the overall sound. A wonderful wolf reduction tool as well. Makes an immediate impact to your sound and playing experience. I’ll never look back! Thanks Svencino!

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