Svencino Range

Svencino I – beginner


The Svencino beginner is a good choice for the start up string player. They are all setup and regulated with the same care and finesse as any fine stringed instrument, for ease of learning to play and sound experience.

Time spent on setup and regulation is largely the reason why these instruments are slightly higher valued than their entry level competitors; they take longer to prepare, come with our favoured house brand – Warchal – strings and all the fittings are the correct choice of wood.

Unlike their competitors they are brought in complete with a finely applied spirit varnish that does not hamper sound production, develop nasty urethane chipping or make the instrument unresponsive.

Relatively, the cost of one of these instruments is less than buying one off-the-shelf which still needs between six and eight hours of work, fittings (if they are of poor quality) and a decent set of strings.

To add value to your choice, we either size or upgrade them, or both, when sizing up or just upgrading as you get better. This way you save and always have the right size violin without owning one of each size by the time you are a discerning player.

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