Svencino & Co.

In Svencino & Co partnerships there are a host of variegations that help mitigate cost, delivery times and stock availability. Below are some working partnerships with people across South Africa. It becomes sound sharing where new and old can contribute.

Ways that we have been building on this since 2007 until now is through:

Initially Svend’s Violin worked with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company where we looked into training a crew to care for and look after their inventory. This was a hard lesson. Challenged by space, where to start, what to start with, what needs to be bridged and more was an interesting wake up call to say the least.

As we all got on with it and started learning about the process of teaching and learning about the violin the understanding got very clear. The hardest was accepting that with a shaky school foundation of most of the learners, all above 23 years, it was going to be hard to get straight to the detail. We limped along until it was put to bed 01 November 2011.

The following year the initiative was rekindled by the ECPO (Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra) in Port Elizabeth when Judy Speyers asked Svend’s Violin to revisit this training initiative so that the inventory in their strings program could be upgraded and better maintained. Finally, the lessons learned in what was perceiveably a failure with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company project turned out a success. Today there are two more Luthiers still growing into a workshop that further enriches our lands:) …

Training workshops
As well as helping with adding to the available trustworthiness of new luthiers we have also worked with various schools and violin studios around South Africa where we invited teachers, parents and pupils to come and investigate the detail of their own instruments. This has been a pleasure with a lot of participation and interest onthe part of all those who attended. So far we have held workshops at:

Pridwin Boys Preparatory School in Rosebank, Johannesburg
Carien Roux’s Violin Studio at Eureka School in Kimberley
Sound post sessions at the Musicon, with Tilla Henkins, in Bloemfontein
Hugo Lanbrecht in Parrow, Capetown where we held a talk on the violin explained.

Luthier partnering
As far as partnering is concerned there are some who find benefit in working together. Despite the fact that Svend’s Violin has worked with training up the two new Luthiers in the ECPO strings repair workshop in Port Elizabeth they have decided to continue their growth with further partnership. By this we have collaborated on different restoration projects where part of the project was done at Svend’s Violin and the remaining part in their own workshop. Additionally they have been advised on what to buy supplied by Svencino so that the cost of procurement could be reduced from what otherwise can easily become an expensive order.

Sales distribution points
Currently the ECPO strings repair workshop is growing into becoming our first tested trade partner for better and cheaper distribution coupled with advice and services that may be needed at collection. In their case they will be able to work with the Just-In-Time method by way of having all of their Information, tooling, material and instrumental parts available with a click-to-courier response time. Additionally, without their need for capital investment to have the benefit of ready stock, they may now profit from facilitated sales that keep their growing client crease happy. The same is happening in Bloemfontein and we hope to soon have all major areas covered.

Sales & Trade partners
Similar to the above distribution points helping along with availability and reach there has been another area of general benefit that has become clear to us through collaboration with some of our suppliers. They receive stock that is either unfinished, not setup or broken … to augment their quality and post sale service we have been helping with setups of some of their stock, advice on how to improve on what they order and basic training of some of their staff to handle repairs and some minor regulation work needed to improve on their sale products.

These partnerships also add to what we are able to offer in our window. In time we aim to be able to offer just about everything available from all of our suppliers and contemporaries. Of course, we are rather selective and fussy about what we are willing to sell to our clients. If it does not live up to sound instrumentation after regulating it, then we are not willing to show it off!