Svencino Range

Svencino III – custom

The Svencino custom is a fantastic choice for any committed string player ready to journey through life with a more personalised instrument. Virtually a master made violin without the master price.

This range comes to us incomplete. Without f holes and bass bar for us to start with plate tuning before we fit the bass bar and cut the f holes. This way it can be cut to suit your style.

Once they are setup and regulated with the same care and finesse as any fine stringed instrument, for playing ease and good sound. Time spent on refinishing, setup and regulation is, in this case, often far less costly than their master maker comparison; they take longer to prepare than our two other models but the wait has proven worth it for all of our clients who play on one of these.

Unlike their competitors they are brought in rough to be finished with a traditional Italian oil varnish which adds to a rich full tone which allows you to determine the colour that suits your fancy. Perfect for our South African drastic climate changes.

The cost of one of these instruments is far less than buying one from a master maker and comes with added benefit of custom styling to make your eye smile.

With these, if you were upgrading to get here, there is only one place left … the fine violin auction house or dealer for old master instruments.

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