Svencino Explored

Exploration is a good way of describing what we do at Svencino. Ever since the first day of Violin and Bow making in Svend’s Violin studio there has been nothing but endless exploration and discovery – not one moment of boredom.

Every part of the violin and its bow is so full of intricacies with artistic, mechanical, scientific and musical fusion that makes it impossible to know completely. Mastery being the artistic ability to merge discoveries and unknown or seen influences despite 100’s of years before us that were filled with similar observations and discoveries. Relatively few of these discoveries and experience is passed on freely with most Luthiers (violin makers) wanting to retain some level of specialness hidden in ‘secret’ knowledge and ability.

Therefore, Svencino is relaunching with exploration and discovery as our fundamental premise – to share whatever is explored and discovered from any and every participating explorer.

Everyone, coming to this site, is encouraged to engage with their own experience and discoveries, covering all aspects of the violin, its bow, its setup, maintenance, repairs, strings et cetera. This way we all benefit from pier inspired food for thought, instead of endless good-better-best sales speak which doesn’t necessarily help or guide as it should – something is always left unsaid to help the sale along.

The violin requires experience to play on and experience to work on. Playing it well, making it able to be played on well and restoring them well requires a LOT of experience. With time we aim to add lots of your experiences to Svencino’s Exploration so that your expressed voice leads to sound discoveries.

From our own founding experiences, we have discovered a few axioms that have set the stage and mood within this world of endlessness. See our Philosophy and ‘Rules’ of engagement Here.