Svencino Range

Svencino II – advanced


The Svencino advanced is a good choice for any committed string player. They are a small step away from being a fully master made violin.

This range comes to us incomplete with f holes and bass bar for us to refinish and further fine tune before it is setup and regulated with the same care and finesse as any fine stringed instrument, for ease of playing and sound experience.

Time spent on refinishing, setup and regulation is largely the reason why these instruments are higher valued than their comparison; they take longer to prepare, come with our favoured house brand – Warchal – strings and all the fittings are made from A grade Ebony.

Unlike their competitors they are brought in incomplete to be finished with a traditional Italian oil varnish which adds to a rich full tone and is perfect for the South African drastic climate changes.

Relatively, the cost of one of these instruments is less than buying one off-the-shelf which still many hours of work, fittings (if they are of poor quality) and a well selected set of strings.

Adding value to your choice, we either size or upgrade them, or both, when sizing up or just upgrading when you need more form your instrument.

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