With a few groovy individuals and partnerships together here in the Svencino & Co. environment we are working toward creating a really special place where Musicians, Teachers, Parents  can find reference about Instruments their bits, working collaboration and more.

Being a mouthful to comprehend … there has been a long gestation period and for us to get to understand one another within understanding the scope of the environment that we are building for you to do and know more.

Below are the variegated personalities and skills that we are working with in no particular order of importance. Everyone is critical. Even your contributions.

Svend Noka Peter Christensen
Afrodane violin & bow maker, inventor & Svencino creator & content copy writer for Svencino.

Sarah Shabangu
Luthier assistant in the Svend’s Violin workshop and part time office management.

Lasse Tristan Itumeleng Manson-Roberts
Master Geek and our development architect….  and, copy editor from time to time.

Cristina Paul
Stock management, sales, traffic, systems and business management.

Brahm Henkins
Hardware and OS working environment maintenance. With his addition we are able to run in a secure and open platform Linux environment.

Philo Nel
Business strategy advisor and Legal framework setup. Keeping us all safe in business.

Seikonyi Frans Molete
Business strategy advisor from a Tax Consultancy angle and ongoing accounting signatory.

Entrepreneurial Partnerships
ECPO Strings Repair Workshop – Eastern Cape

The trainees who are running and managing the strings repair work there were trained with the intent in their becoming self sufficient congradulants.

Special thanks to great influences

Mark-Temba Christensen
Past help with startegy and planning sound boarding; through the hard times and still at times today.

Phillip Krinsky
Accounts man and business operations advisor.

Ian Newton
Electronics Engineer Extraordinaire. With a long term investigation into passive pick-ups for the violin family. Tricky.

Ali Maleka
VFX, Inventions, Svencino Cases Co. development & design as well as our newly produced Svencino Harmonic tail-pieces.