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Violin, Viola & Cello Fitting set- Tamarind Wood Fullsize

Violin, Viola & Cello Fitting set- Tamarind Wood Fullsize Included in these are four pegs in Swiss design, a Harmonic

Harmonic Violin Tailpiece

With better responsiveness, using these harmonic tailpieces, the overall spectrum and fullness of overtones in the sound further increases balanced tonality across all four strings.  Of course, sound post adjustments may be necessary after initial installation to find the new sweet spot for this magic to present itself fully.

Harmonic Cello Tailpiece

Our Svencino harmonic tailpieces are finally sculpted to relative perfection. With enhanced responsiveness, using harmonic tailpieces, the overall overtone spectrum

Happy Clients on Film #SvencinoConcerts

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Total rebuild of 120+ year old Bass that was swapped for 8 student violins for Handevat outreach program at the  Cape East Coast. It was completely black and seemingly beyond repair! 

Martin Merholz - Software Strategies & Bassiest

I’ve been playing on my Svencino 3 since 2014. I’ve been very happy with it so far, it projects well in a concert hall and is good for concertos and solo playing. My teachers in the USA are also very pleased with the instrument. I’ve had it looked at in New York City by some of the best luthiers around, including Julie Reed-Yeboah who was very impressed with the sound and build of the instrument. She also commented positively on my harmonic tailpiece. The value of my violin has increased substantially since I bought it!

Joas Erasmus - Bard College Conservatory of Music

Waldo Luc Alexander is a discerning violinist and musician in Johannesburg. He helps Svencino with testing and putting all of our Svencini violins through their paces once completed and ready to hunt for that, ever evasive, Sound Post sweet spot.

Where is Wally? He is playing the violin, as always.


The String Explorer

Jargar Violin Strings Set Blue Med

Jargar have a solid steel core and are very bright in tone. Quick response makes it a good choice for folk style playing, or any music that uses a lot of double stops.

Jargar Cello Classic A Blue Med

The Jargar cello string set is a result of nearly 60 years tradition of hand made cello strings developed by

Schools, Outreach Music & Other Partners

WCYO has been doing business with Svencino since 2018. We realized from the beginning that this was the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. From day one, there was mutual respect. .. click image to read more
Svend Christensen of Svend’s Violin has been the preferred supplier of stringed instruments and accessories to Pridwin Preparatory School for boys in Melrose, Johannesburg since 2011... click image to read more
I have known Svend Christensen since 2002 when I gave him several bows for rehairing and refurbishing. I was adequately impressed by the results that I image to read more
It is with pleasure that I, the undersigned, Stefné van Dyk of Handevat Music, can herewith confirm the relationship between myself and our Handevat Music and Svencico ... click image to read more

Restorations & Rebuilt Instruments

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I am so delighted and happy with the restored violin.👏 At first my playing was really not doing the violin justice, but I have started practising (much😁) more diligently again. Now the sound is smooth and controlled evenly and my heart just really jumps with joy - the sound is so beauuuutiful!

Thank you so much for all the effort put into this project!!!! It was absolutely worth it!!!!!⭐️

Marlize Combrinck - State Prosecutor, Retired.

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