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The main difference with Svend’s Violin and the beginning of Svencino is innovation. There is so much still to be discovered and improved on within the world of violin and music. For sure, there are many things that are mostly cast in ‘stone’ in terms of the form and design of the violin but there are just as many things that have ample space for improvement.

Identifying the things that can be changed and setting out to improve on them is exactly what Svencino is all about in the quest to making music more accessible and easier to engage in for all who find solus and joy in and with it.

The things that we have already worked on to explore sound and music making cover a range of different areas.

String Explorer, the Club

Finding out what strings suit both the pocket and your ear best can be a costly experience and hard to do on your own if you don't already know a lot yourself ... Gaining momentum slowly with initiative is expected to help ALL String Playing learners and musicians.

Svencino String Instrument Range

The Svencino Range of String Instruments was brought to life after almost a decade of being inundated in Cheap Chinese that is NOT conducive for playing and learning to play the violin. These instruments have been part of our training work and growing in popularity with a handful of really pleasing wins with up and coming violinists playing on them.

Stands for All Music and Instruments

Overcoming the frustration and irritation of broken stands that have NO SPARES and SUPPORT when they have a stripped screw, bent part or missing rubber bit NO longer means that you need a new one. We are working on it as you read this!
Coming Soon

Svencino Harmonix

Set to the golden section, Styled for finesse with loose fit tuning plates and comfortable fine tuning screw heads. These took us three years to achieve success with:)

Closing in on a Case of South African Perfection

For more than a decade we have been working on coming up with new and cost effective ways of making cases that remind the rest of the world that South African Augmentation is still alive and well!
Coming Soon!

Passive Pickups for Strign Instruments

Up until the sad Covid death of Ian Newton (fitting name) we were well on our way to finalising our RAWOOD pickups. Many evolutions later we got to a good place. Bernard, and electronics engineer is amped and ready to resume the good work! We are close to introducing further new and improved on:)
Very Close

Training & Violin Explained Workshops

Since our first initiating training startup with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company in April 2007 (starting with Svend's Violin) Svencino has tirelessly worked with a handful of different Music Outreach Programs, Private Schools and private individuals to grow the number of able people in South Africa who are able to work on String Instruments without damaging them or making it hard for people to learn and play on.

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