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Svencino – Violin Explained

violin explained

perfect violin is created by the sum total of Regulated Irregularities. Whereby each imperfection is balanced by another “imperfection”. For example, if the projected height of the fingerboard-to-the-bridge is too low or too high, the cut of the bridge would need to be cut lower or higher respectively, to allow for playable perfection.

In this section we explain every part of the violin in detail. To help you know and understand how each part influences others. How to check that your violin is perfectly worked on and setup. For this there are a lot of details that need adjustment.

Knowing the correct measurements and rules for setup and regulation is one thing. Knowing how to manipulate them to make playability and sound projection balanced and full is entirely another thing.

Of course, every luthier (violin or instrument maker) has their own ideas, method, skill and dexterity. Therefore our explanations and methods are not intended to set an absolute for anyone. Rather, a space for further discussion and participation.

Feel free and encouraged to ask, comment and participate in this space for you and others to find answers to all your questions.

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