WCYO have weekly String tuition at Diazville Primary School. Diazville is a high crime area, with a high unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, poverty and under-developed children due to drug and alcohol abuse by parents.

We teach Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass to learners from Diazville Primary and High School, but also learners from the area around.


In the beginning of each year, we have a new intake of music learners at Diazville and anyone interested are welcome to be tested.

Due to facility problems we may only offer these classes after school as they always have a shortage of classrooms. We start with the younger group (grade 1 to 3) first and as soon as the Senior phase finish, we start with the Grade 4 to 7 groups. Later in the afternoon we do the High School learners, as they walk to the Primary school from the nearby High School.

Due to WCYO not having many Violins, Cellos and only one 1/8th Double Bass, they make use of my own string instruments, but the availability may differ and always depends on how many and which instruments are out on rental. Only the ones available in the store room can be used for Outreaches and this might change from week to week or month to month. I make it available to the Outreaches free of charge due to a shortage of funds.

 I also keep it in a playable condition, as far as possible.

Challenge with Instrument repair, maintenance, and accessories:

Due to us being in the West Coast it has always been a huge challenge to get any repair work or maintenance done on any string instrument. The nearest luthier is about 2 hours’ drive from us and we have learnt to cope with bare necessities done by ourselves in our own way and then we send instrument by courier to the luthier when it is actually too late in most cases.

Sometimes we will have a heap of violins and/or Cello’s just waiting for funds and repairs and a box filled with bows, needing urgent attention. This is a huge frustration for the tutors and the children, but there this is reality if you live and do outreaches in the West Coast.

Any type of accessories is not freely available and need to be ordered for either Cape Town or Johannesburg. These orders include costly courier prices as well. Because we have to work extremely frugally with very little funds and we are not allowed to use any funding fees for instruments and accessories, our purchases have to be made accordingly.