How often do violin strings need to be replaced?

The first indication and question is, how often do you play your violin? The next question world be what kind of strings are you playing on? Gut, Synthetic or Steel. Each of these different types of string have their own wear-and-tear properties.

A big string killer is the acidity of your sweat.

One way of avoiding your strings being played would be to stand under a very cold aircon or with rubber gloves. However, that would be terrible. Instead we have a neat little remedy that will help your strings last longer, and your varnish as a kicker.

Tip. Essential Rosemary oil has a unique property to help neutralise the acidity in sweat. It ionises it, meaning that the Atoms and/ or Molecules of the chemicals making up your sweat either gain or loose their charges (the neutral and positive charges) in such a way that the acidity reduces.

So little is required that if you hold an essential oil bottle between your index finger and thumb, give it a little shake (of course the lid is off) and then put the drop on your palm and rub your hands vigorously together as if washing or warming them. Then your are warmed up and prepped to play. The smidgen of oil that is on your hands will act as a rubber glove in a magical way.

We don’t have any tests to see how much longer this will save your strings for. For our String Explorers we will be sure to add a testing station for our Explorers to start this experiment. Our guess is a 3rd more string life.

Another more subtle indicator that it is time for a new set! Is when your strings don’t hold their tune so well or the note spacings become uneven or unpredictable.

If you can’t find your Fifths or Fourths evenly then the previous point is conclusive.

From time to time you may also find that a string will buzz – If practising the Bumble Bee, this may not be a grave problem:). This is a definite sign for change time.

Kinks, breaks in the winding and other wear-and-tear damage is of course obvious.

Poor responsiveness is a dead give away. Not as much for beginners but definitely for any discerning professional musician

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